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Video Game Tester Jobs - How To Get A Video Game Tester Job
In recent years, there has been a huge growth in the video game business, and experts are of the opinion that this growth will persist because of the increasing popularity of video games. Most people love to play video games however, many are not aware that a great deal of hard work and effort is involved in the development of these games. Developing a game is a complex process and the professionals who work on these tasks can make mistakes. A video game tester's job description primarily involves discovering and reporting the errors in the making of the game. Read this article to know more about video game tester jobs.

Video Game Reviews: What to Look For When Reading a Video Game Review?
How many times have you purchased a computer game after reading 1 or 2 superb video game reviews only to find out that the game you've acquired actually sucks? It could be your hopes were too high, or it could simply be the appraisals you have read have been written by second-rate video game reviewers compensated by gaming corporations and resellers to write something nice.

How Mobile Apps Have Become More Popular Than Console Video Games And How You Can Capitalize
Without specific statistical data, it is hard to argue that mobile apps are not just as popular, if not more so, than console video games. While video games played on consoles, such as those made by Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft, have a strong user base, the numbers are receding while mobile device users are increasing. This is most likely because of the shift toward mobile pieces of technology, which console video games are not. So, while console video game users still represent a significant portion of the industry, Those users have become a fairly isolated potion of the video game market, while apps for mobile devices are now a vast market of their own that continue to expand and reach out to new target markets and demographics. To unde ...

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